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lace fans - wedding fans

Same as battenburg lace parasols, all the wedding fans are totally made by hand. That's why sometimes we also call them as battenburg lace fans, which are the best partner with battenburg lace parasols.

Most brides choose white lace fans and cream lace fans to be as the wedding fans. In parties, black lace fans are the most popular hand fans with ladies and madams, especially for dancing. Certainly, a lot of other colors are easily found in our range.

Regarding size, the hand held fans closed at 8in. (20cm) and 11in. (27cm), are the 2 most popular sizes with customers. Besides above sizes, 10in. (26cm), 9.5in. (24cm), 8.5in. (22cm), 6in. (16cm), 5in. (12cm) are also in our general collection.

In addition, embroidery cutwork designs are certainly workable for these folding fans, a little like embroidery cutwork for lace umbrellas. Wedding fans in small sizes are also very appropriate to be as the promotion gifts.

As a lace making factory, we welcome your own ideas, and would always like to develop new designs for you.

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